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For 16 years Sérgio Sanchez, Beto Neves and Beto Placco have been keeping alive the memory of the band that influenced music and behaviour worldwide.

For three decades they were happy collecting albums, photos and anything with "The Beatles" brand on it. Occasionally, they would play the music that consecrated their idols for close friends. But their first public show would give them a real taste of the success of the Liverpool boys.

In April of 1993, "The Beatles Again" walked on to the stage of the "Araraquarense Club" for the first time. It was the start of a long history of success and a string of many followers. From the first line-up there are still two members: advertising executive Sérgio Sanchez (electric guitar, guitar, vocals) and medical doctor Beto Neves (keyboards, guitar, harmonica, vocals). Bass player Fábio Russi joined the band just a few months after. One year later José Abi left and insurance broker Beto Placco brought his drums and vocal talents to replace him. In February of 2006 Fábio Russi left and Daniel Mattos took his place as a bass player and singer to complete the line-up that is "The Beatles Again" today.

"We all had day jobs and other obligations than music, but we were all musicians that loved the Beatles, their musicality and the good songs that had influence over many generations", says Sérgio Sanchez.

Besides the good initial response from the public, the members believe that the band became better known after their participation in the Beatles Festival 2001 in the city of Ribeirão Preto. The group was rated as one of the three best Beatles bands in Brazil. "It was like we were a football team and the hole city was following and cheering for us. The city press also provided excellent coverage of the event and we have had more opportunities to perform since then", says Beto Neves. After this event the band also grew in structure, with the inclusion of new instruments, more elaborate shows and even improvements in the visual production were made, with the addition of a few classic Beatles costumes.

"We admire all the Beatles and we believe that each one of them had a part on the band success. Even Ringo Starr, who was the less musically gifted, was very important for the unity of the band, for lightening up internal tension", says Beto Placco.

"The Beatles way of life had an influence on the whole world, even with the youngsters. Even though it was announced six months before it actually happened, the break-up of the band left so many people completely disillusioned. The separation generated a true commotion. They finished the band at the right time, but even Paul could not acquire the same success alone", says Beto Neves, the more fanatic member of the bunch, whose interest has taken him to Liverpool to experience "the sacred temple of the world's pop rock".

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